Source: Stadt Dortmund/Roland Gorecki

Microservices 2019 Hackathon

Microservices 2019 will feature the Microservices 2019 Hackathon as a satellite event of the conference.

A hackathon is an event where software developers meet to work intensively on one or several projects in a given problem domain. The goals of a hackathon are multiple: come up with a functioning prototype, experience new technologies and approaches, celebrate the joy of coding with other technology enthusiasts.

At the Microservices 2019 Hackathon you will be able to meet researchers and developers from international groups and companies, working on innovative tools to tackle the many challenges of the design, development, and deployment of microservices. In this edition, participants will work together on a microservice architecture for the electromobility domain, learning how to bring microservices to life with new, emerging tools and technologies, subject of intensive research efforts — Innovation included!

The Microservices 2019 Hackathon will take place on Friday, February 22nd. One day after the main conference event, but at a different location: Otto-Hahn-Straße 23, 44227 Dortmund.

Thanks to our sponsors, the hackathon is completely free of charge and open to everybody, whether you attended the main conference event or not. Snacks and drinks are also included, for a perfect coding session.

Seats are limited! Make sure to fill out the form below to participate!

The participants to the hackaton will receive additional information, e.g., the schedule of the hackathon, via email.