25-26 Oct. 2017

Microservices 2017

Thank you all for a fantastic event!

Microservices 2017 has ended, but a community was born. See you in the Microservices Community.

Here is a picture of the dedicated people who made it to the very end.

Closing Picture

Microservices 2017 is a forum for the discussion of all aspects of designing and programming microservice architectures. Both theoretical and experimental contributions are welcome, on topics ranging from formal frameworks to industrial experience reports and demonstrations.

Presentations will be selected based on abstract submissions of maximum two pages. See the call for papers for details.

Scope and Topics

Microservices 2017 is a joint forum for scientists and practitioners in the area of microservices. In microservices, software components are services that can be independently deployed and scaled. This brings all the benefits, but also all the issues, of distributed computing to the internals of applications. The resulting increase in complexity calls for a proportional improvement of techniques for software construction. This requires contributions from different areas, ranging from formal methods to software engineering and the general art of programming.

The event will place particular emphasis on the identification of the challenges that the community of microservices will face in the future, promising directions, and open discussions (panels) with experts from academia and industry.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Design and implementation of microservice architectures.
  • Empirical studies of microservices.
  • Software engineering methods for microservices.
  • Security in microservices.
  • Formal models for microservices.
  • Verification (both static and runtime) of microservice systems.
  • Programming languages and techniques for microservices.
  • Testing for microservices.

Preparation of submissions

We solicit contributions in the form of extended abstracts with a maximum length of two pages. A submission should describe a talk to be given at the event. Talks can be based on work in progress, scientific work published or submitted for publication, or practical experience reports. Practical demonstrations of tools are also welcome. Accepted publications will be collected in an informal book of abstracts, which will be distributed at the event.

Microservices 2017 will employ a lightweight reviewing process.

Deadline: The deadline for submissions is September 1st has been extended to September 4th, 2017, 12 a.m. CET. Submissions will be accepted from August 15th, 2017. Resubmissions are allowed until the submission deadline. Contributions are to be submitted through EasyChair using the following link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=microservices2017.

Formatting: Submissions must be in PDF format, printable in black and white on A4 paper, and interpretable by common PDF tools. All submissions must be prepared using the Easychair template, available for LaTeX and MS Word.

Post-proceedings: Depending on the success of this initiative, we are considering the publication of a volume of post-proceedings, for which there will be a separate call for papers. In this way, the interested authors will have a chance to enrich their contributions according to the feedback they received during the event. The tentative deadline for submitting papers for the post-proceedings is mid-January 2018.

Please contact the program chairs if you have questions.